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Tenancy Application Form

Please check you have entered all details correctly:

Section 1: Property Details

Section 2: Tenant Personal Details

Section 3: Address History

Section 4: Tenant Credit Information

Section 5: Employment Information

Section 6a: Self Employment, Director, Independent Means, Retired

Please fill out the below sections applicable to you.


Independent Means


Section 6b: Benefit Entitlement

Section 7: Other Occupants

Please list all potential occupants below:

Occupant 1

Occupant 2

Occupant 3

Occupant 4

Occupant 5

Occupant 6

Section 8: Emergency Contact

Emergency contact must live in NI and not cohabit with applicant.

Section 9: Character Reference

Please provide details of your character reference. This person should be a professional and should not be a relative or employer.

Section 10: Declaration and Consent

General Data Protection Regulations

By providing us with the above information you consent to us obtaining, holding and using personal data about you in connection with the business of letting and renting out of residential properties as specified for as long as may be reasonably required for our legitimate purpose. We will use that information for communicating with you. We may also provide that information to third parties with a legitimate reason to receive it in connection with your dealings with us (e.g. landlords, utility and service providers etc.) or to such third parties required by you or the law. Our privacy policy can be found on our website.

Files & Media

Depending on your circumstances, please upload the following:

  • Copy of photographic ID
  • Address verification document ( i.e. utility bill )
  • Copy of your Benefit Decision Notice
  • Accountant verification
  • Copy of payslip
  • Copy of National Insurance Number, or Proof of NI Number
  • Housing Benefit letter stating monthly / weekly rent allowance
  • Employer reference confirming length of employment, title, salary and whether permanent or temporary basis
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